How To Save Money When Planning A Wedding

Your wedding will be one of your most cherished memories, and hopefully not because it put you in debt. There are many ways you can have the best day of your life without the chance of it becoming a financial burden.

You deserve your dream wedding, and here is how you can get it all while staying within or even under budget.

The Day of the Week

Weekend weddings are the most popular and therefor, the most expensive. If you were hoping for a Saturday wedding, expect to spend anywhere from 2-5 times more than any other day of the week.

Consider a Sunday brunch wedding or if you can, a mid-week wedding. We know this may limit you, but if you want to save as much you can, the day of the week matters.

Don’t forget to inquire about unbooked days at all of your favourite venues. They may have spots that they are trying to fill, this could save you money and even get you a discount.

Off Season Weddings = Big Savings

Summer weddings may seem like the most fun, but that fun comes at a price, a big price.

Look into an off-season wedding somewhere between November and March. You’ll get the most out of your budget and may even score some discounts from your venue. Just be sure to have Plan B and C to accommodate for the weather.

E-Invite Vs Card Invitation

We’ve all seen the elaborate traditional mailed wedding invites, but you could save hundreds even thousands if you go with an E-Invite. Not to mention the environmental impact of using traditional snail mail.

However, if you are dead-set on a card invite, you can save money a few ways:

  • Choose a less-expensive flat printing for insert cards
  • Use a two-ply card stock for the invitations and one-ply for the rest of the inserts, this could save you hundreds.
  • Ditch envelope liner. Using untraditional outer envelope instead of an envelope liner you could save up to $5 on each invitation

Importance Of a Wedding Website

Having a wedding website can save you time and money. Direct all your guests to the site with one email or card instead of different invites for each event – the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, day-after brunch etc.

On your website you can include all of the little details your guests may need to know. Feature all the logistics like date, time, location, attire, menu and anything else. Don’t spend a minute on the phone answering questions, simply direct everyone to find the answers on the website!

Additionally, your guests can RSVP on the site and you can even set up a registry. Technology is your friend, use it to save you time, money and most importantly STRESS!

Shop In Advance

Wedding season tends to begin around June, get a jump on all the shopping by looking anywhere from 8 months to a year in advance.

Shopping early can save you anywhere from $500 -$1000 and with last-minute alterations anywhere from $100-$500.

Check Out Trunk Shows or Secondhand

Be sure to follow your local or desired bridal shops on social media to stay alert for any potential sales, trunk shows or even sample sales. This will save you big and you might be able to afford 2 dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception!

It may sound less appealing for some to buy second hand, but if you are looking to save money and be environmentally conscious this is the way to go.

If you go the vintage route, you could end up with a one-of-a-kind dress. Additionally, you can always alter the dress to better suit your style and aesthetic of the wedding.

Look For Student or Up & Coming Photographers

Photographers can be expensive and many of their rates vary. However, you definitely want someone who can capture the magic of the big event.

A Tip for getting the most of your money is to do your research and look into up and coming photographers in your area. You can even try asking a seasoned professional for someone they think will do a good job.

Greens Vs Florals

Going green is much less expensive than choosing flowers. Greenery in a bouquet and centre pieces can be just as elegant than a huge floral arrangement.

When researching florists, ask if they offer discounts when you order 3 or more types of flowers in bulk. You can create a gorgeous grouping that matches your wedding colours.

Additionally, for centre pieces look into bud vases. You will cut your flower purchase in half by placing single-stem flowers at different heights on each table. This could save you up to $100 per centre piece depending on what flowers you decide on.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the easiest ways for you to get the most bang for your buck. This is where you rely mostly on the beauty of the venue and the subtle charm of your decor.

Going with a minimalist approach to your wedding planning not only saves you time and money but it also is better for the environment. It requires a less is more mindset and can create a much more intimate environment for your big day.

Avoid Too Much Transportation

If you can, aim to keep your ceremony and reception at the same place rather than multiple locations. This could save you up to $4,000 on transportation costs.

Photo Booth vs. Polaroid

Instead of renting a photo booth for thousands, simply create a polaroid station. The cameras themselves are inexpensive and you can easily list them on Facebook market place when you’re done with them.

Set up a little station with some cute props, a few cameras and a bunch of film. It’s just as fun and much more affordable.

Keep The Champaign At The Bar

By serving champaign only at the bar and keeping it as an option you can end up saving at least $10 per person.

Caterers From The Outskirts

Are you getting married in a major city? Try sourcing your caterers from a nearby suburb who is willing to travel, this could save you a lot of money.

Kids Meal Discounts

Having kids at your wedding? Ask your caterer if their meals can be discounted. Sometimes they will cut the cost in half or even offer a separate menu with less expensive options.

Say Ok To The Buffet

Instead of paying per plate and cutting out the costs of staff – offer a buffet. You can save thousands and you often get more food than what you pay for. Not to mention buffets usually produce less waste.

The Cake

There are several ways you can save on cake expenses, here are a couple:

  • Downsize – opt for a smaller cake and instead offer a dessert bar.
  • Just the Edges – Ask your baker to decorate only the edges of the cake tiers to help bring the cost down by a couple hundred.
  • DIY – Choose a simple buttercream or fondant cake and decorate it yourself. Use fresh flowers or fruit or anything else you can think of.
  • Naked Cakes – These cakes are becoming more and more popular, plus they are much more affordable.

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