Importance of a Wedding Theme

Whether it’s a tradition, formal, minimalist or off-the-beaten-track wedding, you’re putting together an entire event. Each step of your wedding should be cohesive, that’s why choosing and sticking with a theme is important.

The importance of having a wedding theme and how to choose a wedding theme.

These days, there is so much information and inspiration online, it can help make the whole planning process so much easier. All you need is some time and an idea of the feeling you want to strive for.

Start with a theme, this will give you a coherent image you can rely on throughout the entire wedding planning process. You may surprise yourself, how potent just a word or concept can be once applied to your wedding theme.

For example, love angels. What could be more perfect than finding ways to incorporate angels in every phase of your wedding?

From flowers to guest favors to the vows, you can find a way to carry out the theme through the entire event. Is it a casual wedding or two renaissance types? The Renaissance theme is compatible with the wedding ritual, and makes for an unforgettable event.

Getting married on February fourteenth? Hearts and flowers are perhaps the most traditional of all wedding themes.

When you’re planning your wedding, save time to choose music with care. Get together with whoever is providing the music and talk about the right pieces for the two of you. Nothing sets the mood like music, and your wedding music will live in your memories for the rest of your life.

The rings, the vows, the wardrobe – all the choices you make to create and intimately personal expression of your love are made easier by following a theme.

Think of choosing a theme, like choosing one or two words to describe the spirit of your wedding and even your relationship. It’s two hearts coming together to create something special.

Pick a word or phrase and keep it in mind. It’ll tie everything together and make the experience more perfect. Your wedding theme can become a foundation throughout your marriage, your wedding, for each other and for your life.

Wedding Theme Ideas

Here are some themes to help get you brainstorming.


This can mean eco-friendly but also can be a representation of your love for one another. It is replenishing, conscious and preservable.

A sustainability wedding theme is also a great way to do your part for the planet. Think of choosing a green venue and waste-reducing practices.


Beach weddings are always popular. It merges destination and season. You can mix colours easily, have it during the day or evening.

Winter Wonderland

Having a winter wedding? Winter Wonderland is a classic theme. Maybe you describe your love as warm and comfortable even when the climate isn’t.


Is your love timeless and classic? Maybe it represents something from the past, that is harder to find these days. Think of the roaring 20s or the Golden Era or the 50s. You can have so much fun with this theme.

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