How To Set & Stick To a Wedding Budget

Want to make sure your marriage doesn’t end up on the rocks before you even get to the chapel? Then ensure you set a realistic wedding budget and stick to it!

Set a Budget and Save For It

First things first, discuss finances before the wedding planning begins. Everyone involved in the decision making process needs to understand exactly how much money is available for the wedding.

To maximize that budget, start saving early for your wedding. Advance planning and saving will allow you to maintain or even exceed your budget, comfortably. It will also make wedding planning easier and more fun!

Get Everyone On Board

Once your wedding budget is set, set it aside for a few days and review it again. This gives everyone a chance to let the information sink in.

The budget review after a short waiting period gives the participants a chance to verify that they understand and agree to the wedding budget.

Ensuring everyone is on board is important because someone who doesn’t agree with the budget may overspend in 1 area, leaving the rest of the budget in jeopardy.

Budget Line Items

When you’ve decided exactly how much money is available for your wedding, the next step is to divide the total into budget categories such as:

  • Venue
  • Food & Drinks
  • Bridal Attire
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Favors
  • Centerpieces
  • Gifts

Additionally, set aside money for unforeseen expenses.

Who Pays For What?

Part of establishing a budget for your wedding is to be clear on who will pay for what.

Shopping & Negotiating

You will need to negotiate contracts for services, so you must budget for each area of the wedding. If you have allotted $300 for entertainment, look for a DJ whose rate is approximately that amount. Then you can negotiate that you remain under budget.

Shop around and compare prices for services. A company may come highly recommended, however if they are outside your price range, let them know why you are going to choose another company. It may be surprising how willing they might be to give you a better offer.

Substitute Creativity for Cash

DIY – Do it yourself. Doing things on your own is another way to stay under budget. Homemade invitations, making your own guest favors or centerpieces can greatly reduce the wedding budget. This can also free up funds for other areas of the wedding.

Don’t fall into the trap of viewing your wedding budget as restrictive. Instead think about what you can’t afford and focus on how you can make your wedding truly unique.

You will be inspired to create a wonderful, memorable wedding regardless of your budget constraints.

Expect The Unexpected

Realize that there are bound to be snags along the way. If you go over budget in 1 area, you will need to cut the budget in another area. As long as you stay aware of your spending and realize the ramifications of your actions.

Roll with the punches and alter your plans to accommodate any needed changes.

Make It a Wonderful Memory

A wedding budget can cause emotional strain on a couple and their relationship. That is why discussing finances and establishing a wedding budget early on is important.

Early planning can help the couple avoid conflict during the planning phase. Additionally, it can make the wedding more fun for everyone and start out the marriage on a positive note.

After all, working together is what marriage is all about!

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