The Wedding Countdown Guide

Plan the essential elements in the countdown days leading up to your wedding with this guide! Organize everything in advance and watch it all go smoothly.

One Year Before Your Wedding

You probably recently got engaged at this point. This is where you discuss finances and the date.

Talk with your partner about what type of wedding you are trying to have. Think about theme, food, entertainment etc.

Once you’ve decided on your budget, you can start really planning. This is the part where you talk, talk, talk. Once you start booking venues, bands and caterers, you will know exactly what to do.

Here are some things you should be talking about with your partner:

  • Venue and hotels for the bridal party
  • Caterers and the type of serving style you’d like; buffet, Plated, Family style etc.
  • Type of ceremony
  • Number of guests
  • Cake and desserts
  • Florist
  • Photographer
  • Apparel, rings, bridesmaids dresses, fabrics and accessories
  • Theme & colors

You can even look for pre-marriage courses to help you through this process. Additionally, you may want to start thinking about your honeymoon as well.

6 Months Before The Wedding

The wedding is just around the corner. Hopefully at this point you have things booked and ready to go. This is the part where you start preparing invites, favors and smaller details.

Here are some things you should begin taking care of:

  • Ordering wedding stationary and invites.
  • Discuss the order of the service with the entertainment.
  • Decide on service sheets for the guests.
  • Decide on the wedding menu with your caterers, venue or hotelier.
  • Create a wedding present list.
  • Choose the rings.
  • Plan your honeymoon – location & date, ensure your passports are up to date if you’re leaving the country.

3 Months Before The Wedding

It’s crunch time, the wedding will be here very soon and it’s time to really start preparations.

This is the time to ensure all documents and certificates are ready. Your colors are chosen and you’ve finalized the guest list.

Here is what you should be wrapping up or already finished:

  • Pre-marriage documents and certifications.
  • Finalise the details of your color scheme, bouquets, buttonholes with the florist.
  • Finish the wedding guest list and have the invitations/save the dates sent.
  • Choose gifts for the best man, bridesmaids and attendants.
  • Arrange accommodations of attendants and advise travelling guests of the rates of your hotel (if necessary)

1 Month Before The Wedding

Now is the time that you should be getting really excited. It’s so close! Try to remember not to stress to much. Even book a doctors appointment or some therapy sessions to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Here is everything you should be focusing on now:

  • Organize the final details of your dress and the bridesmaids dresses.
  • On the day of your final fittings, make sure all the bridesmaids are wearing the same shoes the intend on wearing at the wedding.
  • Finalize the groom and best men.
  • Have a hair and make-up rehearsal.
  • On the day of the hair and make-up rehearsal remember to bring the head dress with you for the experts opinion.
  • Finalize seating arrangements for the ceremony and reception.
  • Plan the wedding rehearsal with the priest, minister or registrar.

Make sure you are eating properly and getting enough rest. You’ll need all the energy you can get with all the running around you’ll be doing!

2 Weeks Before The Wedding

It’s almost here! Don’t stress, just get ready for the big day and the honeymoon. At this point you’ve set everything in motion. It’s time to follow up, relax and get excited.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Arrange your honeymoon and travel clothes – including passports, tickets, rental cars etc.
  • Give advice to your hotelier of the approximate guests for the reception.
  • Plan the table settings, place cards and linens.
  • Finalise the details with the florist, photographer, caterer and entertainment.
  • Try on all your wedding clothes and make sure everything fits correctly.

1 Week Before The Wedding

You’ve done everything you possibly can to prepare for your wedding. There is only a few more things left to do:

  • Have the wedding rehearsal.
  • Choose someone to look after the wedding dress and grooms outfit after the wedding.
  • Wrap all the gifts for the bridesmaids, best men and attendants.
  • Arrange all fees for the church, registrar, musicians etc. (best man should do this)
  • Do one last check on all documentation required including passports for the honeymoon.
  • Give all documentation to the best man or maid of honor for safe keeping.

2 Days Before The Wedding

Just some tiny details you can even ask your maid of honor or best man to do:

  • Confirm the final guest list for the hotelier
  • Make sure the wedding cake is fine and arrange all transport to and from reception.

1 Day Before Your Wedding

It’s here, time to pamper yourself and get ready. This is where the fun really begins!

  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Take a long bath and have an early night

The Big Day!

There is nothing you can do now but enjoy the fruits of your labor and have as much fun as possible! Make sure you eat a good breakfast so you have energy all day. Give yourself plenty of time to reach the venue to allow for any last minute hiccups.

Have the best day of your life!

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