What Does The Wedding Ring Symbolize? Meaning & Origin

Almost all of us know what a wedding ring is. It is one of the most important aspects of the wedding ceremony. However, do you know what a wedding wring truly means and where it originates from?

What Is a Wedding Band?

A wedding band is a ring, often made from a precious metal and is an exchange between two people during a wedding ceremony. Typically, the wedding band is worn on the left hand. Unlike an engagement ring, the wedding ring is often a very simple design.

What Does The Ring Material Represent?

The material of the rings are meant to symbolize strength and strong, never ending love. Here are what some of the materials meanings:

  • Yellow gold represent fidelity.
  • Rose gold for romantic love.
  • White gold for friendship.
  • Tri-metal for all three as well as shared past, present and future path.
  • Silver represents durability and strength.

Why Is The Wedding Ring Worn On The Left Hand?

The wedding ring is often worn on the left hand for numerous reasons. One very practical reason is because less people are left handed and the ring would less likely be damaged or broken.

However, there are more spiritual and historic meanings that come from different ancient cultures that explain why it is worn on the left hand.

Did you know that there was a period of time when it was worn on the right hand? Wealthy Elizabethan’s would wear it on their right hands and some would even wear them on their thumbs!

Ancient Symbolization Of The Wedding Ring

The early Egyptians were convinced that the wedding ring finger is directly connects to the vein of love or the vena amoris, which flows directly to the heart.

In ancient Greece and Roman cultures, the vein in the ring finger (also known as the healing finger) runs directly to the heart.

During Western Barbarianism, brides were often kidnapped and held captive. It is thought that the wedding ring was meant to tie the bridge to the home of her husband-to-be, or whoever was holding her hostage.

In the ancient art of reflexology, the area under where a wedding ring would sit on the left hand is said to be closely related to the heart.

The wedding ring was also an old promissory symbol. It represented a significant financial cost, like a down payment made by the groom.

Lastly, the ring finger is the last touched by the priest when quoting the Holy Trinity – “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Wedding Ring Superstitions

Like anything relating to a wedding, rings definitely have their fair share of superstitions and customs. Here are some of them:

  • Lost or broken ring means bad luck for the couple.
  • Bad luck to by a wedding ring on a Friday or to wear it before the ceremony.
  • If a wedding ring is too tight it creates a stiff relationship.
  • Loose wedding rings could show a parting of ways.
  • It’s bad luck to wear someone else’s wedding ring.

These are just a few, there are many!

At the end of the day, your wedding ring is personal. It is the intention of two people getting married and creating a life together. It’s a beautiful concept of never-ending love. It’s perfect for manifesting life long love.

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