10 Best Wedding Gloves

Wedding gloves are one of the newest trends in bridal fashion and we are loving them. It is a simple way to create a chic and opulent look for your wedding day. 

There are so many different types of gloves to choose from:

  • Long gloves
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Short gloves
  • Sheer gloves
  • Satin

If you are a vintage-inspired bride, the wedding glove look is the perfect accessory to any type of dress.  

Traditionally, gloves are only worn during the ceremony. However, they can be worn all night long! It’s up to you. 

There are many ways to personalize your wedding look. If you’re going for something unexpected, consider wearing bridal gloves. 

Here are our top picks for best wedding gloves.

Sheer Gloves 

Colors: White | Size: OS | Materials: Tule

These long sheer gloves radiate with elegance. Going just past the elbow, with various size pearl accents, these wedding gloves are sure to be a hit. 

Satin Opera Length Wedding Gloves

Colors: White, Black | Size: 6-8.5 | Material: Satin

These gloves take us back to old Hollywood glamour. With multiple lengths to choose from, these wedding gloves are the ultimate accessory.

Vintage-Inspired Silk Gloves

Colors: White | Size: OS | Materials: Quality Silk

Pull together your romantic wedding day look with these vintage-inspired gloves. The lace and the sparkling sequins ensure that the bride looks opulent.

Satin & Mesh Peplum Wrist Glove

Colors: Black | Size: OS | Material: Polyester

Wearing a black or dark colored wedding dress? Pair with these dramatic vintage-inspired peplum gloves.

Embroidered Fingerless Gloves

Colors: White | Size: OS | Materials: Polyester Blend

Throwing a gothic-esque wedding? Check out these fingerless, floral embroidered wedding gloves. These gloves attach at the finger and feature satin ribbon lace-up closures.

Embroidered Fingerless Vow Gloves

Colors: White | Size: Custom | Material: Silk

These hand-embroidered wedding gloves are the perfect statement for your wedding look. Get custom text or choose the original text featured in the image.

Timeless Matte Satin Wrist Gloves

Colors: Black, White | Size: OS | Materials: Matte Satin

Go the timeless route with these matte satin wedding gloves. These gloves are as classic as it gets and can be worn after your wedding as well!

Ruffle Gloves

Colors: White | Size: OS | Materials: Polyester

Are you a contemporary bride? These Zephyr ruffle gloves are certainly a statement. Not only are they cool, they are versatile. Wear them on your wedding and beyond!

Transparent Tule Wedding Gloves

Colors: Champaign, White, Black | Size: OS | Materials: Tule

Showcase your effortless style with these delicate gloves. Wear them during the ceremony, reception and even at a later date after your wedding!

Bow Gloves

Colors: White | Size: OS | Materials: Silk, Spandex

Tasteful, elongated wrist gloves that are perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Glove

Your wedding gloves are the finishing touch to your bridal look. Depending on how detailed the rest of your look is, your gloves should either be the finishing touch or the ultimate statement.

Look for fabrics, lengths and colors that compliment your dress. Whether you are traditional, minimalist or contemporary, there are plenty of wedding gloves to choose from.

Having a luxurious wedding? Perhaps opt for a wedding glove that fits the occasional, like a brilliant satin opera length glove. Saying “I do” at city hall? Consider a classic wrist length glove. Going for a vintage style? look for bridal gloves with dot fabrics or a row of buttons.

Glove Lengths

The length of glove is often measured in inches or buttons from base of the thumb to the top of the glove.

  • Elbow
  • Opera (above the elbow)
  • Classic
  • Shortie (wrist-length)

Gloves For a Sleeveless Gown

When choosing your wedding look you’ll want to show off your person style. That being said, opera length and elbow bridal gloves look great with sleeveless dresses. When the glove is longer, it makes the strapless or sleeveless gowns much more bold.

Should Your Bridal Gloves Match The Color of the Dress?

When pairing your bridal gloves with your wedding dress, it really depends on the style. Some brides will want their gloves and dress to match in color, while others may want gloves in pastel or light colors. It is really up to you. Although, it is important to remember that gloves are meant to enhance your overall look, not take away from it.

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