18 Summer Wedding Hairstyle Inspirations

Summer is here officially, the weather is warmer and the days are longer. With the summer here and the summer wedding season upon us, it’s time to dive into some summer beauty.

When deciding what hairstyle to wear at your summer wedding, there are a few things to consider. The weather is warmer, so going with an effortless look make be the way to go. It requires less work and there are less risk the humidity will interfere.

There are plenty of options for summer wedding hairstyles. So let’s not waste any time and dive it.

Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

We don’t want you overheating or frizzing out on your big day. So these summer wedding hairstyle looks are meant to be easy and effortless. Guaranteeing you stay gorgeous through the entire wedding.

1. Cute Center Part

Wearing your hair down may be a wise choice for your summer wedding. Go with a cute and chic center part with some elegant waves. Even tuck it your hair behind your ears to feel refined and relaxed. Add accessories for flair or avoid them entirely!

2. Gorgeous Waves

Go with effortless beachy or go glamourous with big waves. Contrast loose waves with a middle part or choose a side part for an ultra chic look.

3. Textured Pony

Intensify your natural texture with a classic sleek ponytail that shows off your gorgeous curls. Or Add texture with products to keep a long lasting textured ponytail.

4. Half-Up Do

Whether its a top ponytail, a twist or slightly pulled back, this effortless look is always a good choice for your summer wedding hairstyle. Wanting to keep your hair out of your face? Then the half-up do is the way to go!

5. Timeless Chignon

The low chignon that is perfectly wrapped and will help you to show off your beautiful accessories and your wedding dress. Easily wear your veil without any fuss with this look.

6. The Braided Bun

Looking for an up-do that can be easily accessorized? The braided bun may be the right summer hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is an easy way to shape your face with loose layers. Feel soft, feminine and sophisticated with this style.

7. Half-Braided

Let lose, soft waves flow with a beautiful and intricate braid or twist running throughout. Are you wearing a long or dramatic veil? This hairstyle gives the bride a romantically effortless look.

8. Floral Headpiece

Take a basic hairstyle and elevate it with a headpiece. Accentuate your natural beauty with a delicate hairstyle paired with a floral headpiece. Even go with voluptuous waves or curls with a headpiece for the ultimate dramatic look.

9. Old Hollywood Curls

Ask your stylist for big volume blowout before curling and be sure to use strong hairspray. Look like you stepped out of an old movie with these eye-catching curls.

10. Waterfall Braid

Looking for something more low-key? Wanting your hair to stay out of your face and something easy to maintain throughout the wedding? Try a waterfall bread!

11. Bohemian Side Braid

This textured loose side braid can be worn alone or with accessories. Add jewels or even foliage to take it even further into the boho dream. Ask your hairstylist for temporary extensions for a longer, fuller braid.

12. Face-Framing Curls

This is a great way to utilize your natural curls to frame your face and give you a playful look at your summer wedding. If you don’t have natural curls, you can still achieve this look with some strong hairspray.

13. Crown Braid

The crown braid is a great way to look chic, effortless and keep your hair out of your face. This look is perfect for a garden or countryside wedding. It can easily help shape your face and can be easily accessorized with jewels or flowers.

14. Shaved Sides

Are you an alternative bride, straying away from what is considered traditional? Try shaving the sides or rocking an undercut. This is sure to give you both edge and femininity. Plus, it is a great way to avoid overheating during those hot summer days.

15. The Bouffant

A modern take on a retro hairstyle is excellent for a summer wedding. It doesn’t have to be perfect either as it is meant to look almost undone for a romantic look.

16. Messy Chignon

Go for a Grace Kelly inspired-hairdo with a messy chignon. This hairstyle shapes the face for an overall soft and sweet look. Accessorize with a tiara or headpiece!

17. Finger Waves

For those of you with short hair, try the ultra-chic finger waves. Ideal for a romantic and vintage aesthetic. Add sparkles to take it even further!

18. Tucked-Under Ponytail

This hairstyle gives the effortless factor of a down-do but all the benefits of an up-do for a summer wedding. Just make sure you have pins and hairspray to keep it intact.

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