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7 Wedding Venue Red Flags To Look For

And, how to decide whether it’s a red flag and a deal break.

Your wedding venue is a big chunk of your wedding budget. So, you definitely want to make sure you put in the work when deciding if a place is a good match.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is much more than a great location. There are a lot of logistics that go into picking a venue – budget, number of guests, the date and way more. You also want to consider the vibe of your celebration, is it rustic, beachy, minimalist, garden?

So, let’s dive in and go over some wedding venue red flag every couple should be on the look out for.

Bad Communication

Just like any relationship, when communication is off, things get much more complicated. Nothing is more disappointing than finding an amazing venue and not hearing anything back or recieving unclear responses.

You might be willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but little-to-know communication should be a huge red flag for you. If the beginning isn’t easy, that’s a tell-tale sign on how the rest of the arrangement will go.

When the venue’s event manager is quick to reply it shows that they are able to solve problems as they come. If they are slow to respond, it indicates that they either aren’t prioritizing their customers.

However, if the communication isn’t perfect but still pretty on-point, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. If the response time is too slow for you, contact the on-site coordinator to get more information.

Complicated Contracts

Your venue contract should be thorough, but comprehensive and complex are too different things. Be hesitant if you see any strange clauses that are confusing or lack specific details.

Look out for parts of a contract that do not let you write bad reviews online. This is usually indicates that other couples who have chosen the venue before you couldn’t post their honest opinions.

Too Many Added Costs

The unfortunate truth is that the price tag shown isn’t the exact price you’ll have to pay. There will almost always be extra costs. Although, if the venue says they’re going to charge for weird things like use of the bathrooms or even the parking lot, you can guarantee there will be even more additional costs.

Bad Reviews

It’s a total bummer when you find the perfect venue for your wedding, only to see heaps of negative reviews. If there are 100 reviews and more than 20% are bad, you should consider finding another venue.

One or two bad reviews shouldn’t be too much of a hinderance. Afterall, when it comes to weddings it can be difficult to fully please everyone.

Don’t just go off the sales reps or venue event planners. Always do your research and look for reviews on multiple different sites. Additionally, sus it out for yourself. If you check out the venue and speak with the coordinators, go with your gut. If it seems like it’ll be a great fit, it probably will.

Any rude, disagreeable or unpleasant person you encounter when looking into a venue, should be taken as a red flag. During tours is usually when everyone is on their best behaviour, so if you detect anything negative, it will only get worse.

The Setup Time Is Limited

Wedding set up takes time. Getting everything just right is a task. When you are searching for a venue, always ask the coordinator how much time their vendors and staff will have. You don’t want to hustle when setting up your backdrop or floral arch.

You will want more than a 2-hour window for you vendors to set up. Rushing will only cause more problems and potential delays which could increase costs.

Another thing to consider, is when the wedding party is able to access the venue property. Hair and make-up for the bridal party takes hours and often begins in the morning. The last thing any bride needs is to get half-way through the hair and make-up process only to have to move somewhere else to finish.

Lack Of Or Unclear Backup Plan

A wedding venue must have a back up plan for almost everything. Rain or bad weather might be a good omen, however, it is a nightmare for the wedding party and event planners.

If you are looking into outdoor venues, ensure there is an alternative system. Be sure to ask about the back up plans when you check out your potential venues. If they don’t have one or it is unclear, that is a red flag.

They Haven’t Done Many Weddings

Even if the venue you choose doesn’t often do weddings, they can still make a great wedding venue. However, a venue that doesn’t do large parties may not understand the complexities of how to run a wedding.

Ensure that they understand the wedding details and have a good amount of experience to do a great job. Your venue is an expensive part of the wedding, so always do your due diligence when choosing a venue.

How To Deal With Wedding Venue Red Flag?

Running into red flags when looking for a wedding venue is definitely upsetting, especially when the location was almost perfect. But, a red flag doesn’t have to mean deal breaker. Actually, a red flag can leave you with room to negotiate.

Be sure to vocalize your red flags. This gives you the power to negotiate with the venue for things like free valet parking or room upgrades. You’d be surprised how many venues are willing to work with you.

The difference between a deal breaker and a red flag is if you can find affordable or free alternatives. However, if the venue’s policy completely hinders your wedding vision, it may be best to find a new spot.

To avoid miscommunication and red flags, discuss you wedding plans in detail with full disclosure. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

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