Twin Flame Vs Soul Mate – Signs You’ve Met Yours

You have probably heard of both terms; twin flame and soul mate. You might have even thought they both mean the same thing. However, the two are often interchanged but mean completely different things. 

What Is a Twin Flame?

The definition of a twin flame is an intense soul connection. Moreso, it is a “mirror soul” or a person’s other half. Essentially, a twin flame is your soul that you share with another person. It is one soul split into two bodies. When a soul is created, it splits into two parts that are mirrors of each other and constantly yearn to reconnect. 

What Is The Purpose of a Twin Flame? 

A twin flame represents spiritual growth. It aims at awakening your soul. When you discover your twin flame, it can speed up your evolution, heal wounds, remove the blockage and lead you to find self-love. 

These relationships are often very challenging because they show us all of our insecurities and fears. These types of confrontations can be difficult to face. 

Think of a twin flame as a mirror, showing you the shortcomings you don’t want to deal with. These relationships can be very turbulent, but they should not be confused with toxic relationships. 

Your twin flame isn’t doing anything to make you feel this way; they activate and heighten your fears. 

Sometimes, twin flame relationships aren’t romantic. They are a soul connections and also platonic friends. 

What Is The Difference Between Soul Mate and Twin Flame? 

Soul mates can make great relationships and are much more common than a twin flame relationship. With soul mates, the two souls connect and are much closer than anyone else in the world. They are much easier relationships than twin flame relationships.

With twin flames, your souls are very much the same. These relationships are very rare and some people never find their twin flame. 

Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame?

No, twin flames are very rare. Those who don’t have a twin flame yet, wont experience this fracture. 

When Do Twin Flames Meet?

Meeting your twin flame happens at a time when you need the most spiritual growth. It is said that a twin flame reunion is of divine timing. It happens when both halves are ready to experience the required growth and challenges required to do so.

Signs That You’ve Found Your Twin Flame 

All relationships are different and come with their own emotions. So, how do you know that you have found your twin flame? Some indicators might point towards an answer. Here are some signs that you have found your match.

Intense attraction and Instant Recognition When You First Met

When you first meet your twin flame, there will be intense attraction, recognition, and yearning. It might feel like home or very familiar. There is an undeniable bond between you almost like you’ve known each other all of your life. 

Intense Emotions 

With twin flame relationships, emotions are intensified. When it is good, it’s really good and when it is bad, it’s really bad. It can feel overwhelming at times. 

Amplified Doubts, Fears, and Insecurities

The purpose of your twin flame is to push you to grow into the best version of yourself. In doing this, you could come face-to-face with your deepest insecurities. This helps you work through them and allows you to heal. 

You Feel Drawn To The Other Person

These relationships are magnetic. From the first meeting, you feel an unexplainable draw to the other person. This feeling never seems to dissipate, either. It is a constant and overwhelming desire to be in that person’s presence. 

You Make Up and Break Up

At points in twin flame relationships, you may try to leave. But you keep coming back. If you are in an on-again-off-again relationship, it could be because you are twin flames. It can even be years but you always seem to find your way back together. 

The reason you break up and makeup is because you both force each other to face your demons. It can be a lot to handle and might make you feel inclined to give up. 

They Make You Want To Be A Better Person

Your twin flame is your mirror, they push us to be better. It is a relationship that promotes a lot of growth. These relationships help you get past your insecurities and whatever else is holding you back. 

The Relationship Has A Lot Of Ups and Downs 

These relationships are often turbulent. It is very rarely an easy relationship. It requires constant work. With a twin flame, you are constantly having to confront yourself. These are usually aspects of yourself, you do not like. It can be challenging but it will facilitate major evolution for both of you. 

The Stages Of a Twin Flame Relationship

All relationships have stages but, with a twin flame, they are much different than your average. These are the common stages:

Stage 1 – Longing

Before you meet your twin flame, you will know that your other half is out there. You will go through life changes and periods that require inner work that prepare you to meet your twin flame.

Stage 2 – Meeting

Once you meet, it is game over. Brace yourself to fall fast and hard. When you meet, it is intense. You might have a hard time keeping your hands off each other and you’ll want to be together constantly.  

Stage 3 – The Honeymoon

Just like all relationships, there is a honeymoon phase. In this stage, it is new, positive, and meaningful. The length of this stage depends on the couple. 

Stage 4 – Challenges Begin

Eventually, the difficult times will catch up in the relationship. Differences will come up and these issues are often a reflection of the work these two need to do on their own. It’s not about fixing the relationship but improving yourself.

Stage 5 – The Test

All your doubts, fears, and insecurities will be on the table and it will cause you to question each other. In this stage, one partner may choose to leave, while the other feels insecure. This is when each other’s attachment styles and issues show. 

Stage 6 – Chasing

In most twin flame relationships, someone will walk away. Part of this chase stage requires separation.

Stage 7 – Surrendering 

The chase stage can go on for months or even years. But that stage is what inspires the most growth. Eventually, you two may come back together and this is called the surrender. You accept each other and allow one another to be who they are. 

Stage 8 – Homecoming

Once you have surrendered and accepted each other, your relationship really begins. You will feel more empathy, support, and understanding. It may feel that balance is restored. You will continue to grow and support each other. 

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