Budget Friendly Wedding Décor Ideas

Weddings are a huge expense, and most couples require a budget. Finding areas to save on is always helpful. We have done some searching and found ideas on budget-friendly wedding decorations! 

Sticking to a budget is probably one of the most challenging parts of planning any event, especially a wedding. However, the last thing you want is your ceremony or reception to look cheap. So, we have put together a list of ideas that save you big and make your wedding decorations look high-end. 

Step 1 – Set a budget! A budget will help you in the long run and potentially leave you room to spend more in other areas of your wedding. 

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Once your budget is set, then you can look for vendors that are going to help you. Are you looking for low-cost centrepieces? Try talking with your florist for budget-friendly options. You’ll be surprised at how many vendors will work with your budget. 

Budget-Friendly Ideas For Wedding Decorations 

Decorative Candle Lanterns 

Go to a thrift or antique store and look for ornate lanterns. These will often be affordable but will look expensive. Lanterns bring warmth and light to your wedding venue. Even pair them with cheap flicker lights to create unique centrepieces. 

Mason Jar Sets

Easily find mason jars at Walmart or thrift stores and utilize them for your table centrepieces. You can leave them plain or personalize them with paint. Mason jars make great vases for flowers and can also be used to hold candles. There are tons of uses for mason jars! 

Table Pearls 

Take your wedding from basic to fabulous with the small details. Table pearls are an affordable way to decorate your tables or buffet tables. Plus, they are much cuter than confeti. 

Beware of placing them at kids tables!

Picture Frames For Signs 

Go to a local thrift store, and you will find dozens of unique frames. Use them for table markers, guest book sign, buffet labels and anything else you might need a sign for! 

Faux Eucalyptus 

Brides everywhere are inlove with Eucalyptus, but not so much with the price tag. Using faux greenery is less-expensive than the real thing, plus you can keep them after for at home use! Place them down the centre of the guest tables for an easy way to bring some life into your reception. 

Recycled Wine Bottles For Single Stem Flowers 

Find use for empty wine bottles at your wedding by using them for single stem flowers. You’ll be saving on vases and flowers at the same time. Take the lable off the wine bottle by leaving them to soak in water for several hours. Even use old wine bottles to hold twinkly lights.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has become exceedingly trendy over the years. Plus, it has a great price tag when you buy in bulk. Decorate your wedding reception with affordable pampas grass or add it to your centre pieces for texture. 

Fake Wedding Cake

Are you having a dessert bar only at your wedding? Instead of buying a cake for traditional purposes, buy a fake one or even a sheet cake. 

Glass Geometric Terrariums 

These work for almost any wedding theme. Glass terrariums are easy and affordable centrepiece decorations. You can fill them with sand and place a small succulent in there that your guests can take home afterwards!


Succulents are another trend we have seen become more popular. They are much cheaper than flowers when bought in bulk! Plus, your guests can take them home afterwards. 

Go Thrifting or Antiquing

Head to some local thrift stores and be amazed by how much stuff you can find to use as wedding décor. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind, you will find it. You may also find even more inspiration for you wedding. Antiquing and thrifting are great options for those looking for vintage, boho and even minimalist inspired weddings. Using a few, unique pieces can take your minimalist wedding over the edge all while maintaining a clean look.

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