A Guide To The Perfect Weekday Wedding

For years, we’ve known Saturdays as the perfect day for holding weddings. But did you know that you can have a weekday wedding? Yes, no rule forbids you from having your wedding on other days of the week. In fact, holding your wedding during the week is gradually becoming a trend. And many couples are embracing it. Having said that, here is a guide to holding a wedding on a weekday:

Why Are Weekday Weddings A Good Decisions

Weekday Weddings Are Often Budget Friendly

One of the notable benefits of having a weekday wedding is that they’re easier on your pocket. And the reason is obvious. Traditionally, Saturday is a renowned day of the week for weddings. As such, many people tend to choose it for their wedding occasions. Due to competition for resources, they are often expensive.

It’s the demand on this day that drives up the cost. On the other hand, a handful of weddings occur during the week. As such, the cost drops significantly. Therefore, if you want to save money, consider having a weekday wedding.

If anything, the wedding planner will be excited and ready to offer you the best experience. They have no pressure and probably they’re not overseeing a wedding in another venue. Thus, you’ll not only save money but also add value to your ceremony. 

You Can Usually Have Your Dream Venue

Your dream venue is probably somebody else. As such, the competition for the space makes it hard to reserve it. In addition, the reservation price increases as a result. In some cases, the venue is booked in advance for weeks, months, or years. As such, you realize you’ve been locked out of it for good due to circumstances.

However, did you know that such venues may be available for use during weekdays? They are even open for use at an affordable price during the high season. Thus, a weekday wedding is important if you can’t wait to have your wedding in the dream venue. 

Great For Intimate Weddings 

Having a weekday wedding promises the same spoils as a destination wedding – only a handful of people will attend. And this is good news. It provides you with more room for intimacy. Also, the guests will be the most important people that you wish to share the moment with. Further, you’ll have more quality time to mingle with every guest. And the ceremony will be cozier than those held on Saturday.

However, to achieve this outcome, you must consult your most important guest first. Ensure they’ll be free to attend your wedding on the set date. Therefore, provide them with enough time to prepare. This should enable them to request time off from work in advance and guarantee their attendance. 

Tips For Throwing a Weekday Wedding

Want to through a weekday wedding? Well, the secret behind the success of such ceremonies lies below. Let’s have a look:

Plan The Ending 

Planning the end is vital. If you want your wedding to be memorable, it must end on a high note. That means, if some of your guests are reporting to work the following day, the wedding should end earlier. 10 pm will do in this case. That also means you may also consider excluding things like after-party, as it may be a waste of money. 

Expect A Lower RSVP Rate

One of the major drawbacks of holding your wedding during the week is the low turnout. In that case, you should prepare for a lower RSVP rate. Some guests may find it difficult to spare time in their busy schedule to attend your wedding. So, if you want every guest you invite to attend the ceremony, you should have it on Saturday.

Give Plenty Of Time When You Send The Save The Date 

While weekday weddings can work, they also have some complications. One major challenge is the save the date. Since it’s hard to find a time that accommodates all your guests’ busy schedules, you must give them enough time to prepare.

Remember, some of them are housewives, parents, guardians, employees, and bosses. That means they’ve got a busy schedule and will need more time to organize themselves before attending your occasion. 

Go Above and Beyond For The Guests That Do Attend

You should demonstrate some extra love for those who attend your wedding. Truth be told, they’ve set aside time in their busy schedule just to attend your wedding.

What To Consider When Having a Weekday Wedding? 

During any week, there are so many challenges we have to deal with. Thus, it requires strategic planning to have a successful wedding. Having said that, here are some key factors to consider:

Is Your Wedding a Destination Wedding?

This is important to consider, especially if most of your guests are working during the week. Remember, they’ll need to get time off so that they can travel to the wedding destination. Also, are you planning a multi-day ceremony? Then, they will need more time to plan their work schedule. On your end, you’ve got more flexibility since you have six days to work with. 

What Days Work Best For You and Your Guests?

Let’s face it, finding a specific day that fits everyone’s calendars is impossible. And even though it’s your special day, you also have to compromise a bit to find a day that fits you and your guests. As a tip, Sunday and Monday always mark the start of the week. Thus, everyone will be in work mode.

You should avoid those days. On the other hand, Fridays and Thursdays mark the end of the week. Not to mention, they’re party days. Therefore, consider days when your guests’ mindset will be in a party mood.  

Will There Be Children At Your Wedding?

A family-based wedding includes children. If you want your nephews or nieces to attend, then prepare for scheduling conflicts. There are after-school curriculums, sports games, and parents’ meetings. In that case, you may wish to host the weekday wedding during spring or summer break. 

Consider Having Your Reception and Ceremony on Two Different Days

This is vital to your wedding because your guests will have a chance to interact before the main event. It’s a great way to encourage bonding and guarantee that the event will proceed well. During the day of the ceremony, your guests will feel like one big group of friends. 

Tip For Wedding Guests

For our final tip to guests, you should take a time off the day after the wedding. This is especially necessary if the wedding is midweek. This will allow you to savor every moment of the couple’s wedding instead of worrying about your work.

Besides adjusting your wedding schedule, these events often have a flexible dress code. This will provide room for creative and striking outfits. Not to mention, it’s highly unlikely to find a black-tie wedding during weekdays. 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, the weekday wedding is not a far-fetched idea after all. It promises the same merriment you’ll experience if it was held on a Saturday instead. But also, it comes with a fair share of disappointments. Therefore, one should be open to feeling sad. You may have to schedule the date several times, and some of your special guests may not show up. But if you want to make it successful, then professional assistance is important when planning a weekday wedding. Finally, prioritize guest safety by adhering to CDC and WHO health guidelines for social events.

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