20 Dreamy Fall Wedding Color Palettes

The fall is arguably the best time of year. The colors, the smells, the overall vibes are exquisite. Having a fall wedding has many benefits. You’ll beat the heat and be able to pretty much do whatever you want hair and makeup wise.

When fall wedding season rolls in, its hard not to get excited. Its a time of change. Crisp weather, seasonal flavors, and more clothing options. The colors that come along with the changing seasons make for an amazing wedding color palette. Fall weddings are popular for a reason!

When choosing you fall color palette it’s important to consider that its not all about the colors that we see outside (i.e. oranges and reds). Fall weddings allow us to utilize jewel tones, different hues as well as beautiful earth tones. There are so many ways to get creative and bring your wedding to life with a fall color palette.

Lets dive in to some absolutely stunning fall wedding color palette ideas!

Fall Wedding Color Palettes

1. Black

Black is such a versatile color and seriously underrated. Adding touches of black to your fall wedding will really create a moody affair. Black is a great color to get creative with. Try to think outside the box and skip over the black & white combo. Add some golds or jewel tones to make your palette much more opulent.

2. Plum

Plum can be a difficult color because sometimes it can give a Halloween vibe. However, when done right, it can mix perfectly with dark flowers and greenery. Add just a few touches of plum throughout your décor and it will add some great contrast to your color palette.

3. Copper

Adding some metallics into your wedding color palette is a great idea to add texture, warmth and heighten the sensory experience of your guests. Having copper table accents is an excellent touch. Consider having a subtle hint of copper with your flatware or vases for your centre pieces. When paired with earth tones or deep purples, it’s truly enamoring.

4. Sage

Sage green is a wedding color staple. It is multi-seasonal and can work in a variety of different ways. Incorporating sage into your fall wedding is an easy way to engage peoples senses . It is also easy to pair with other colors. The key is to not over do it. Use it as an accent to your greenery.

5. Taupe

Taupe is the ultimate fall color. There are so many ways to bring this color into your wedding color palette. Pair it with rich purples or light greys. Use it as a staple or for subtle accents. It’s a great color that makes room for all other tones.

6. Terracotta

It’s the perfect balance or orange, red and pink. You can use terracotta in the summer or fall. It adds warmth while still looking wonderful with other warm colors.

7. Peach

Peach is an amazing color to feature at your fall wedding. It represents the seasonal change with its mix of orange and pink. It can effectively bring a pop of colour to a card display or cake.

8. Navy

In need of a stand out color? Navy works perfectly as a focal point but can also be excellent as an accent color. Adding navy to your bouquet or as part of your table flowers is a gorgeous way to bring in some contrast.

9. Marsala

Add some warmth to your fall wedding color palette with marsala. It’s not too deep and not too warm. Marsala pairs easily with deep reds, creams and light oranges.

10. Cream

If you need a neutral color to go into your palette, cream is an easy one to include. It pairs well with most colors without hogging the spotlight. It can be included into almost any aspect of your wedding.

11. Pumpkin

What is fall without some pumpkins? Adding just a touch of this color brings in the perfect amount of warmth and coziness that fall is all about. Add some pumpkin color accents to your bouquet or even to your seating arrangements.

12. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a very versatile and multi-seasonal color as well. It can work as the statement or accent color to your wedding palette. Use it for napkins or a menu!

13. Forest Green

If you’re looking for a color that screams fall and the transitional stage between seasons, it’s forest green. Although it can be a bit tricky because it is easy to overdo, adding small hints of forest green will sure to be eye catching. Consider using it for plates or candles.

14. Cranberry

Cranberries are actually harvested in the fall, so it might just be the perfect color to incorporate into your wedding. It is a great balance between deep red and pink. Adding a cranberry ribbon to your flowers or using it sparingly throughout your color scheme will ensure a great fall look.

15. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is definitely an autumn color. It is a great addition to a fall wedding color palette. You can use it as accents throughout your wedding. Bring in some contrast when you pair it with dusty blue hues and dark oranges.

16. Slate Grey

Surprisingly, grey can make a great compliment color to your wedding palette. Pairing it with marigold brings out the contrast between warm and cold. Or, utilize it with dusty lilacs, deep purples and creams to find a unique colour palette that still maintains the fall vibe.

17. Rust

If your having a rustic fall wedding, there better be some rust colors featured! It is a great balance between orange and brown. Rust is an ideal way bring a toned down orange theme at your wedding. Adding it to you cake, napkins or stationary is an effective use of the color.

18. Caramel

Warm caramel is the essential fall color. Not only does it have depth but it can also elevate almost any other color. Instead of using cream or ivory, consider using caramel.

19. Charcoal

It’s more than just black. Charcoal brings a smokey hue that will transport your guests directly into the spirit of autumn. Pair it with blush tones, or lilac shades to bring in depth on your tablespace.

20. Burgundy

This is probably the most popular color to use in a fall wedding color palette. But, its popular for a reason. Burgundy can be the main character or the perfect accent. Bring it into your florals and reception décor. Or, mix it with some warm tones like peach to invite in some contrast.

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