Just Got Engaged, Now What? – 13 To-Do’s

Here is how to start the wedding planning process after you get engaged.

This is what you’ve been waiting for. You have been in a relationship for some time now and are ready to take the next step. It probably feels surreal, but it is definitely happening. Whether you are fully prepared or not, the wedding is coming. The proposal period is guaranteed to feel like mayhem.

There are so many things you are starting to think about and so many people you have to contact. Don’t worry, the initial feelings may be overwhelming but they will subside soon. You have plenty of time to plan the wedding and go about your regular lives. However, like most newly engaged people, you’re probably very excited to share the news with your friends and family as well as dive into the planning process.

Now is the time to hop on the Pinterest boards, check out bridal magazines, blogs and go venue hunting. The list is pretty huge. Hopefully, that doesn’t scare you but gets you excited. After getting engaged, the wedding planning process can be a little daunting. But, you have plenty of time to get things done. The average length of an engagement is a year to a year-and-a-half. No matter how long your engagement is, there are certain tasks you’ll want to get done ASAP.

So, you just got engaged. What now? There isn’t a specific order you must follow as long as you get the initial to-do’s out of the way. Here are 13 things you should do right after you get engaged

1 – Call Your Friends & Family

The first thing you’ll definitely want to do is call your family and close friends. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already done this. Unless you’re keeping your engagement to yourself for a bit, you’ll definitely want to share the news with your immediate family and friend group. The last thing you want is them hearing from social media or someone else. Your parents and close friends may already know and are patiently waiting for you to call.

2 – Share The Engagement on Your Social Media

If you are on social media and are ready to tell every one of your followers, share your engagement to social media! Whether it’s a ring selfie or a photo with your spouse-to-be, let everyone know that you’re newly-engaged! If possible, try to get the actual engagement on tape! Nothing is more special than capturing that special surprise so you can relive it forever.

3 – Celebrate With Your Close Friends & Family!

Get your close friends and family together for a small celebration! This isn’t your official engagement party but it is a special night to commemorate the engagement and wedding planning process. It’s worth celebrating!

4 – Get Your Rings Insured

It’s not exactly romantic and might even be a little scary. However, this is crucial. If anything happens to your ring, insurance will save you BIG. You can actually add it to your homeowner or renters insurance and it’s much more affordable.

5 – Get Your Ring sized

If the ring fits right away- great! But, if not, go get it sized. Don’t wait on this. You don’t want it to fall off.

6 – Take a Break & Relax

Don’t over do it right away. Enjoy the initial high from the engagement before jumping all into the wedding planning process. Take a week or two to let it all sink in. You will be pretty stressed over the next year, so just take it easy for now.

7 – Think About A Wedding Date

The best venues and dates book very far in advance, so if you’re looking to get married in the next year or two, it is wise to start thinking of the date right away. Find out for both your families if there are dates that work best or not at all.

8 – Do Some Venue Research

You can’t book a date until you decide on the venue. So, take some time to do some research. You may not find it right away, but do a little online digging. Call around and check out some pricings as well as availability.

9 – Consider The Vibe Of Your Wedding

Gather inspiration from Pinterest or online blogs to get some ideas for your wedding vibe. After you get engaged you are probably overwhelmed with ideas for what you want your wedding to be like. Well, write it all down, make some mood boards and have fun with the creative process. If you already have a wedding planner feel free to share what you’ve compiled with them or keep it to yourself until you’re ready.

10 – Determine Your Guest List Size

Once you get engaged, you should be thinking of how big your wedding will be. Words like intimate or large are probably coming to mind. Be sure to keep on the same page as your fiancé and get your family or friends input, especially if they are pitching in on the bill.

11 – Talk About The Budget

This is important and is definitely one of the first things you need to do once you get engaged. Discuss the wedding budget with your fiancé and whoever else is helping fund the big day. A lot of people do not like to talk about money, but weddings can be extremely expensive. This is one money-talk that must be had.

12 – Pick Your Bridal Party

Now is the time to decide with your fiancé how many will be in both of your bridal parties. Do you want odd or even numbers? You should both aim on having the same amount. Will you have a best man or maid of honor? You should definitely talk about this and begin asking your friends once you’ve decided.

13 – Plan The Engagement Party

It’s not mandatory but it is common to have an engagement party. If you decide to have one, you’ll either need to choose whether you want to plan it or have friends and family throw it. Next, you’ll need to decide if it will be a big event or more low-key. Will it be catered or at a restaurant? Whatever you choose, just try to ensure that it goes with the vibe of your relationship.

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