23 Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you’re throwing a huge wedding of over 300 people or an intimate affair for 30, you can find ways to keep costs down. DIY is an excellent method to stay within the budget for your wedding. You can add personal touches with something custom for each guest or create gorgeous centerpieces for your guests to be wowed by. We are going to deep dive into DIY wedding tips and some DIY inspiration for your table centerpieces! 

Wedding DIY Tips

When it comes to wedding DIY, there is a lot you can do. It is a fun way to flex your creativity and personal style. However, it can become a handful and time-consuming. So, before jumping into a massive DIY wedding project, here are some tips:


Doing any type of wedding decor by yourself is a big task, so it is important to be well-researched when it comes to inspiration, tools, and the amount of time it will take. 

Utilize Pinterest or blogs for inspiration. This will help you gather your ideas, and potential materials you’d like to include.


Just like everything else in your wedding, you’ll need a budget. Come up with some rough numbers for the costs of all the items you’ll need. Then, you can see how it fits into your total budget. Going for tightly packed, intricate flower arrangements will eat up your budget quickly. Choosing a looser and more casual formation will be much more affordable.


Timing is essential. Since there is so much that goes into planning a wedding, you won’t want to be fully occupied with DIY-ing your wedding centerpieces. Estimate how much time you think you’ll need to get everything finished. This will include order wait time, pick-up, delivery, and creation. 


You can’t do everything yourself, that’s why it’s important to ask for help. Most of the time, people will be honored to help you with wedding preparations. There is so much to do on the days leading up to the wedding, call in some friends and family, and put them to work.

Is It Cheaper To Choose DIY For Wedding Centerpieces?

Typically, yes, DIY wedding centerpieces are less expensive. The reason why DIY is appealing is that you save on labor and materials. You won’t need to hire a florist, you can do it yourself! 

25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces 

Now that we’ve covered some important information on wedding DIY, let’s get into the inspiration portion.

1-Small Wicker Baskets With Real, Fake, or Dried Flowers 

Go to any thrift store and you’ll find heaps of wicker baskets. You can fill them with real blooms, greenery, faux, or dried flowers. Whatever your wedding vibe is, you can achieve it with this versatile look.

2-Pumpkin Vases For a Fall Wedding

Are you having a fall wedding? Include some pumpkins in your wedding decor. You can paint them to match your palette and drape flowers around them, or follow them out and use them as vases.

3-Utilize Taper Candles

Taper candles are not only affordable, but they also offer a simple yet elegant look. They’ll add some sophistication to your table and are easy to coordinate with all other decors.

4-Wild Flowers 

Depending on where you live, you can easily source your own flowers. Find beautiful, colorful blooms or impressive greenery that will add shape and depth to your wedding centerpieces. Go into your backyard, or even on the side of the road to source your own flowers.

5-Personalized Touches

Add some custom and personal touches to your wedding tables. Using luggage tags or something else that your guests can keep is always a good idea.

6-Menu Leaves 

Having a summer wedding? Bring in the tropics by using palm fronds for your menus!

7-Use Wood For a Rustic Feel

If it’s a rustic wedding, wood blocks stained in your preferred colors are an easy way to add some warmth to your wedding centerpieces. Even put the table numbers on them to add some versatility.

8-Fruit Bowls

Bring some color to your centerpieces by adding fruit bowls. Whether you opt for un-cut or cut fruit, it’s an easy way to bring in color, aroma, and a tasty treat.

9-Potted Succulents and/or Herbs

This idea has become much more popular in recent years. But, using potted herbs or succulents is a great way to decorate your wedding tables. Herbs add amazing aromas and succulents are very affordable. Not to mention, both are excellent favors for your guests.

10-Source Single Stems 

This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to design your wedding tables. Stick to one type of flower but add some dimension with different types of vases. One stem per vase is cute and creates an eclectic centerpiece.

11-Table Terrariums 

Not interested in flowers? Create table terrariums with succulents or cacti instead. You can source these terrariums at thrift stores or even the dollar store. They also make great guest favors.

12-Pressed Flowers

This will take a bit of extra planning but is sure to add a cute and delicate effect to your centerpieces. Display the pressed flowers or leaves in picture frames with your menus, table numbers, or even name cards.


Perfect for a summer wedding! Prop up some pineapples along the table runner. There is little to no prep time needed and it’s very affordable. It’s the easiest way to add color and kitsch to your wedding.

14-Green Garlands 

Instead of going all out with floral arrangements, opt for green garlands. Whether you choose real or faux, they create a romantic vibe for your wedding tables. Include the branches and stems of the greens that are in season and go end to end. Going with real greens smells great but either way, it is an easy and elegant look.

15-Recycled Wine Or Liquor Bottles 

If you, your friends, or your family members are wine or liquor lovers, try to get everyone to save their old empties. This works especially well if the bottles are unique. Add a single stem or small group of flowers to each bottle. You can either paint the bottles or peel off the labels.

16-Floating Candles

In addition to any other décor you use for your wedding centerpieces, floating candles are a great little accent. Group together several cylinder vases, fill them at various levels with water, and add some tea lights. You can buy these vases at thrift stores or any dollar store, same with the tea lights!

17-Christmas Ornaments 

For those of you throwing a winter wedding, incorporate the Christmas spirit by throwing some ornaments around on your tables. You can find gorgeous vintage ornaments at your local thrifts or vintage stores.

18-Oversized Balloons 

Perfect for a spring wedding, Have 1-2 large balloons floating overhead of your tables. It’s an easy way to tie in your color palette and add some whimsy to your wedding.

19-Cake Stands

Whether you have real food like pastries or small bites on the cake stands or flowers, it is a cute way to add levels to your wedding tables. You can even have your guest favors on the cake stands.

20-Grazing Tables 

If you want your wedding food to be in the spotlight, grazing tables are a great way to go. If you aren’t planning on having any other food, they are especially great. It is much cheaper than a fully catered affair and works especially well for after-lunch or after-dinner weddings. 

21-Book Stacks 

Using books is a unique way to add a vintage feel to your wedding centerpieces. Head to your local thrift store and pick out some hard-cover books with removable book covers or dust jackets and place stacks throughout your tables. Add candles, flowers, or even old cameras on top for some additional décor.


If you are going for the vintage feel, candelabras are the way to go. Another easy thrift or vintage store find.

23-Cork Menu Holders

This is an easy DIY task for your wedding. Save up the corks from your wine bottles, and even ask friends and families to save theirs. Then, with a thing incision, you can display your food menus or name cards.

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