Upcoming Wedding Photography Trends

With only a few months left in 2022, we did some digging to find out what the top trends are for wedding photography for the coming year. This was the first year with most of the COVID-19 restrictions lifted in 2 years, making weddings that much more special. 

Capturing your wedding day is important. After all, your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. It’s a huge moment that you get to share with those closest to you. You’ll definitely want photos and videos to reflect on. 

There are so many ways to document your wedding, but we have found that these are amongst the most popular right now.

Wedding Photo Trends For 2023.

Now that the pandemic is behind us, capturing those special moments with friends and family is vital. Here are the wedding photography trends we predict for 2023.

Editorial Engagement and Bridal Shots

Couples everywhere are going for that high-fashion vibe for their wedding photos. These photoshoots are more involved and are much more ‘artsy’ than your standard engagement photos. Many people are using this unique opportunity to get creative and wear incredible garments in a couture-Esque photo-op. 

Hiring a stylist and booking an amazing venue can be a way to ensure you get that high-end look. A stylist will be able to pull all sorts of garments for your photo shoot you may not be able to get yourself. Booking a special venue like a fancy hotel or vineyard or historic location will also help to make sure you elevate your wedding or engagement photos to the next level. 

Nighttime Photos


We have noticed more and more couples opting for nighttime and evening shoots for their engagement and wedding photos. It is a completely different vibe from your regular daytime wedding/engagement pictures. It gives it a much more rock n’ roll, party-time vibe. 

Nighttime and evening photo shoots evoke polar opposite emotions than shoots during the day. When you take photos during the day, you usually see warm, breathless portraits of couples. It almost has that staged, photoshoot feel. Whereas, photos at night can be outside in an alley, at a bar, by a pool, or anywhere really and it will feel much more real and organic. It is a great way to capture a gritty, bolder side of the couple.

Boudoir Sessions

Taking a more sensual route with wedding photography is also on the rise. These photo sessions are a great opportunity to capture your love in a romantic, steamy kind of way. It showcases the raw and intimate connection between the couple that not everyone gets to see. Plus, shoots like these are a lot easier to plan than big productions. 

Additionally, it is a nice opportunity to connect with your partner. After all, planning a wedding is stressful. Choosing a more relaxed way to shoot your engagement photos lets you focus on what’s really important, your relationship. 


Film photography has been becoming hugely popular again. This can be a pricier option for your wedding photography, so it isn’t recommended that it’s your only source of footage. Instead, have a film camera with a few rolls ready to go along with a digital camera. It is a great way to add a retro vibe to your wedding album. 
You can also have some disposables or polaroid cameras making their rounds during your wedding. This is a fun way to involve everyone at the wedding and see the reception through the guest’s eyes. Letting your guests keep a polaroid or two is also a great wedding favor.

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