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How To Create Chemistry Between People

There is almost nothing better than when you start dating someone and the sparks instantly start flying. In the beginning stages of a relationship, something as simple as grazing their hand or subtle eye contact can give you a good butterfly feeling. This connection is often referred to as chemistry between people. But, what really is chemistry and how can we explain it?

What is Romantic Chemistry?

By definition, romantic chemistry is centered around the characteristics of two people. These characteristics can include mutual interests, similarity, and intimacy. The more apparent these characteristics are, the more the chemistry will be perceived by the two people.

However, chemistry can also be used to describe lust. Lust typically surrounds sexual desire, and doesn’t always segue into a serious relationship. But, that’s not always the case. Lust can, in theory, be an excellent foundation or starting point. 

Chemistry occurs when various factors align at the right moments. It is more likely to happen when both people are open to it. Creating this chemistry isn’t as easy or special if it is rushed, forced, or if one of the people is already in a relationship.

So how can you increase or create romantic chemistry? 

6 Characteristics That Can Increase Romantic Chemistry

1 – Mutual Interests

This is number 1 for a reason and it’s probably the most self-explanatory. Having shared interests help you bond faster and easier. A mutual interest can be shared humor, similar music or movie tastes. Something as simple as that can lead to endless conversations and is helpful when building a foundation for a relationship. 

2 – Being Responsive

Nothing kills romance faster than being passive or unresponsive. Showing attentiveness is an essential way to build a positive base for the relationship. This trait adds to the communication and support factors of a relationship. It is what leads to the security and care of a long-term relationship.

This isn’t to say you must be in contact 24/7. Rather, if someone reaches out, you get back to them promptly. If you can’t have a conversation or reply in the manner which you feel is needed, simply let the person know you’re busy and will get back to them. It not only is a huge way to keep the peace, but it also shows the other person that you care and aren’t playing games. 

3 – Reciprocal Candidness

This means that you can talk to someone about any topic, easily. It is when communication comes effortlessly. It provokes a sense of trust and a feeling of being understood. When this trait is present, people often feel like they aren’t being judged and that they can take their guard down. If you are looking for a relationship, this is incredibly important. 

4 – Intimacy 

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean physical intimacy, but rather a blend of several characteristics. When there is intimacy, people feel comfortable talking about anything with that person. It produces trust and feelings of sincerity.

5 – Being Personable 

Being personable refers to your demeanor. Ensuring that your chemistry grows requires being genuine, down-to-earth, and caring. It evokes feelings of warmth, kindness, and understanding. 

6 – Physical Attraction

Lastly, physical attraction. This one is also pretty obvious. There has to be some sexual desire thrown in there. This can impact even platonic friendship chemistry because people are assessing almost to the extent that someone will attract potential mates. Many times, friends are the ones who facilitate romantic pairings. It is very common to have friends set up other friends with one another. So, having attractive friends can enhance the potential to find a romantic partner. 

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