Planning a Destination Wedding on a Small Budget

Having a destination wedding is always a popular option. It not only is a nice trip for the guests and the couple, but it is also an efficient way to fit in the honeymoon and ceremony all in one trip. 

It is the ideal way to include a vacation and celebration all in one. However, a big concern with destination weddings is the cost. There are many ways you can save money when having a destination wedding and we will go through the major ones. 

Can A Destination Wedding Be Done On A Small Budget?

You can definitely plan a destination on a small budget. There are hundreds, if not thousands of resorts around the world that make it an affordable option to say your I Do’s. 

If you want something more traditional and not at a resort, it will definitely be more expensive. But, something all-inclusive offers you more intimacy, ambiance, and greater savings. 

Additionally, having a destination may require you to have a smaller guest list as many people won’t be able to make the trip. But, that has a lot of benefits as well. Not only will it be a special celebration for your nearest and dearest, but it’ll also help you save more money. 

Planning Guide For a Destination Wedding On A Small Budget

Here is an easy guide to saving money when having a destination wedding. 

Choosing The Location

The location of your wedding is essential whether it’s local or destination. With a destination wedding, you can get the most bang for your buck when you book an all-inclusive package at a resort. There are resorts worldwide that offer everything, making it much easier for you to enjoy your wedding party. With an all-inclusive option, you won’t have to worry about anything. Decor, food, the photographer, everything will be handled for you. 

If all-inclusive isn’t an option for you, look into embracing the local scene. This may require more effort on your part, but it can help you save some money on the wedding. Going with local vendors and indulging in local cuisine can be a fun way to explore new cultures and save money. Include local blooms to cut save even further. You’re going to a destination, after all, you may as well embrace everything it has to offer.

Guest List & Lodging

The smaller the guest list the more you save. If you go the all-inclusive route, most packages will have a guest limit. There are plenty of resorts that can get you everything you need for your wedding for only a few thousand dollars. Food, decor, reception, and all. 

While it isn’t a requirement to cover the cost of your guest’s accommodations, it is thoughtful. However, offering several options that cater to a range of budgets is also helpful. Keep all your suggestions within a 10-15 minute radius of where the ceremony will be held. If you are covering the cost of accommodations, setting up room blocks can give you the opportunity to negotiate a price reduction to have everyone in one area. Don’t set your date until there are rooms available for everyone. 

Weekday Over Weekend Date 

While having a weekday wedding may prevent some of your guests from being able to come, it will save you big. Weekend weddings are always more expensive no matter where you have them. Some resorts will even give you additional discounts for having a weekday celebration. Also, it will be less crowded at a resort if it’s during the week.

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