How To Create Multiple Looks With One Wedding Dress

Your wedding attire will likely be one of the nicest outfits you will ever wear. It is your big style moment. It will be one of the only times that all eyes are on your and your fiance. When it comes to choosing the right wedding outfit, you will want something that is a testament to your personality. You may also want something that can be modified throughout the day and is adaptable to the different activities you will be doing at your wedding. 

If you only have room in the budget for one dress, there are many ways you can alter and accessorize to create a brand-new look. There are several moments that come to mind when deciding when and where to modify the dress. For example, walking down the aisle, the first dance, more dancing, and so on. 

Luckily, there is no need to have a tailor on deck to help with these adjustments. These are all things you can do on your own or with the help of a friend or family member. Here is how you can create multiple looks with one wedding dress.

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Discuss Your Ideas With Your Salon

When you’re looking for your dress, be sure to try on any additional accessories that are in stock. There are plenty of bridal designers that will have items like gloves, trains, skirts, or sleeves that pair with their collections. 

Including items like these give you options to change your look throughout the night easily. If you are deciding between several dresses be sure to get full pictures of what you can add or remove throughout the night before you commit. 

If you are looking for a particular style but can’t find it at your chosen salon, you may be able to contact the designer directly. Always ensure you leave plenty of time when dress hunting. You will need to esnure there is enough time to prepare any alterations before the wedding. 

Another way to add some flexibility with your wedding outfit is to not go with the traditional route. Consider “bridal separates”. This could be removing a skirt to have pants or a smaller dress underneath. This leaves more room for creativity. 

Work With A Tailor Before The Wedding

Almost all wedding dresses need to be tailored before the wedding. While you are with your tailor discuss with them your idea for on-the-go changes. One alteration that every bride should think about is the bustle. Most wedding dresses come with a train and if you are going to be dancing, you’ll have to be able to remove it. Bustles aren’t often built into dresses you buy at a salon since they are added in to fit your height. So, visiting a tailor or seamstress is necessary. 

Additionally, there are a variety of bustles, working with your tailor will help you find a style that best fits the look you are trying to achieve. They can add hooks, buttons, or ribbons to help you adjust the length of your train. 
A tailor may also be able to help you with adjustments to the dress or other parts of the outfit that can be either added or taken away throughout the event. There is a lot to think about, but talking to a professional will help you understand what is doable.

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