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15 Casual Wedding Ideas for a Low-Key Celebration

Many couples these days are opting for a low-key wedding instead of the huge, traditional celebrations. There are many reasons for going casual. It saves you stress, time and is much easier on your wallet.

A large, grand wedding not only requires a lot of planning, it can also be extremely expensive. A lot of couples these days, just want to enjoy their wedding day with close friends and family. They aren’t trying to impress, but rather have an event where everyone is relaxed.

Having a low-key wedding doesn’t mean you are forgoing a beautiful wedding with fabulous décor. It just means you don’t have to deal with all the formality of a traditional black-tie wedding reception. Casual weddings still have all the amazing details that go with a upscale affair as well. However, choosing a laid-back wedding puts more emphasis on togetherness, fun and is a great way for the couple to express their authentic selves with their loved ones.

Are you considering a casual wedding? Here are 15 Nontraditional, chill wedding ideas!

1 – Outdoor Ceremony

Hosting your wedding ceremony in an outdoor courtyard or garden ensures a more relaxing and organic vibe. It is an easy way to utilize your venues natural décor and add your own personal touches without making the event feel too over-the-top or formal. Some simple string lights, or lanterns with a floral archway is a simple, yet effective affect for your outdoor ceremony.

2 – Cocktail Table

Offer all your guests pre-ceremony or reception cocktail from a table rather than from passing trays. This allows your guests to grab a drink or two if they choose to. This also helps you save a bit more money from needing to hire less staff to pass trays.

3 – Informal Seating

Give your guests more seating options. Informal seating offers a much more laidback look for your wedding. Providing everyone with plenty of options ensures more comfort. Include lounge seating as well as some tables. Let your guests pick where they would like to sit.

4 – Smaller Guest List

A casual wedding can have a smaller guest list. You don’t need to invite everyone, keep the list down to friends and family. Not only will this ensure a much more intimate experience for the guests, but it will also save you money and give you more availability to give all your guests attention.

5 – Comfort Food

Consider a menu that offers comfort food rather than fine dining. You can still have an upscale menu that includes laid back food. All you need to do is ensure it’s presentation is sophisticated.

6 – Fun Florals

Get creative with your florals. Formal weddings often use very structured floral arrangements. So, for your casual wedding opt for some bold blooms. Use a less is more approach to save you some money too.

7 – Creative Confetti Toss

Instead of the traditional rice or paper/plastic confetti toss, go with something more natural. Using dried herbs or flower pedals is a very cool way to personalize your post-I Do toss. Leave a small basket full of the confetti of your choice in each aisle for all your guests to grab a handful.

8 – Homemade Desserts

Do you have a baker friend or family member? Get them involved and ask them to make some yummy desserts for your guests. This can be instead or along with your wedding cake.

9 – Greens Only

Ditch florals all together and go green. For your bouquet and for table runners, utilize greenery for natural and simply beauty. Not only do they look amazing, they smell good too!

10 – One Tier Wedding Cakes

For a casual look, go with a one tier wedding cake or several one tier cakes instead of one big, elaborate cake. It’s a little less fancy but definitely still elegant and classy. You can keep the decorations simple and/or natural with creeping vines or simple flowers.

11 – Rug Aisle Runners

A cool and definitely non-traditional idea for your wedding ceremony is to have multiple rugs as the runners. Transform your ceremony aisle into a cozy, chill living room. Instead of having a lot of flowers, you can use rugs to add color and energy to your ceremony venue. Also, you can keep the rugs for your home afterward!

12 – Bridesmaid Choices

Let your bridesmaids where what they are comfortable in. Unlike a traditional wedding, where your bridesmaids where the same dress, let your bridesmaids choose their own. You can ask them to wear one colour but let them choose the design and hue of the dress. This ensures that they are comfortable and that they are dressed for their own body and skin tone.

13 – Mix-Match Chairs

If you can find some cool vintage tables, try using mix-match chairs from thrift stores and/or vintage shops. This gives a very cozy and laid-back vibe. Consider a mix of different colors and textures to ensure the vibe is both unexpected but super comfy.

14 – Fun Signage

Use playful signs to communicate with your guests. Include details like where the ceremony is, where the food is and where any entertainment is too.

15 – Family Style

Instead of serving each guest a plated meal, offer each table their own feast where they can pass around food. This encourages your guests to engage with one another and can also save you money on food costs!

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