How To Throw a Bridal Shower On a Budget

Are you planning a bridal shower? Traditionally, the bridal shower is hosted by the bride’s mother or the bride’s friends. Planning the bridal shower albeit exciting can get costly quickly. There are many key components to consider like, venue, food, beverages, and entertainment. Luckily, there are many ways you can achieve an amazing bridal shower on a budget.

Smaller Guest List = Greater Savings

With almost any event you host, the more guests you have, the higher the costs. So, having a more intimate gathering will ensure that you save more money. Keep the guest list to close friends and family. Not everyone who is invited to the wedding needs to be included in the bridal shower.

Print Your Own Invites

You don’t need to go overboard on invitations for the bridal shower. Going simple will save you hundreds! There are many beautiful templates on Etsy, or you can make your own on sites like Canva. Printing your invites on cardstock is an easy way to make them look like they are professionally done. If you have artist friends or friends with great handwriting, ask them to flex their calligraphy muscles to customize each invite.

Another way to send out invites is to opt for an e-vite. If you don’t really care to create and mail out invitations, simply just create an event and RSVP page on Eventbrite.

Keep The Menu Simple

The time of day will determine how much food you will need for your bridal shower. If you plan on doing something mid-day, but not too close to the end of lunchtime, you can offer snacks and small bites. Doing a brunch shower can also be an efficient way to cut costs, as it is relatively easy and cheap to put a breakfast buffet together.

Another way to keep the menu simple and keep costs down is to have a potluck. If you have a wedding party, you can ask each member to bring them a dish. Additionally, you could ask guests to bring their favorite dish with the recipe written out. Then, each recipe can be made into a cookbook for the bride.

Batched Beverages or Signature Cocktails

Forgoing alcohol at the bridal shower will save you big! You can do large-batch beverages like lemonade or if you do want alcohol, sangria. If you would like to have a cocktail, come up with one drink with a vodka, tequila, or rum base. All you need is some juice or mixers.

Relax on the Entertainment

The whole reason you’re throwing a bridal shower is to celebrate the bride. So, games and entertainment are optional. If you are planning on having games, it is super easy to find printable, simple bridal shower games online.

Do you have a musician friend? Call in a favor and ask if they will perform a few songs. Then, all you need is a speaker and a good playlist.

It’s All About The Bride

The bridal shower should be centered around the bride. If you are planning something to be picture-perfect and Instagrammable, it will cost more money. Be sure to always keep the focal point on the bride.

The best tip to keep the bridal shower within budget is to remember why you are doing it.

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