15 Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most special moments of your life and you will remember it forever. That is why avoiding beauty or skin disasters is very important. Whether you are basically a beauty guru or someone who goes au naturel, we all need the occasional tip to help us for events such as these.

A typical wedding day is long. This means your makeup needs to stay in place for many, many hours. Most brides put all their focus on finding the right hair and make-up style but forget that there are additional details that go into your wedding day beauty plan.

We are going to go through full wedding day glam-prep as well as some helpful tips to ensure your make-up and hair last the entire day.

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day

First things first, let us cover the base: your face and skin. Your skin is the canvas that your make-up will be painted on. Before applying to make up there are several things you can do to prep your skin.

  1. Hydration is key when it comes to your wedding day skin prep. Make sure your face is heavily moisturized and protected with SPF.
  2. Prep your skin at least 1 year before your wedding. If skincare isn’t necessarily your thing, start preparing your skin a year in advance. Give your skin time to adjust to new products. This 1 year mark is also the best time for you to go to a dermatologist for skin treatments.
  3. Avoid new products and routines leading up to the wedding. Don’t try something new too soon before your wedding. Most of our skin goes through a purging period once we get new products, be sure to avoid anything new in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Not all makeup is the same and if you aren’t particularly invested in makeup, you may not know which products will do what. Here are some makeup tips to ensure your wedding day makeup lasts.

  1. Some have additional ingredients like hyaluronic acid, while others are made to fight oily skin. It is vital that you know which makeup matches your complexion and skin type.
  2. For those with dry skin, use hydrating products and especially a hydrating primer. This will help reduce any flakiness.
  3. For those with oily skin, use an anti-shine primer and a mattifying serum under your foundation.
  4. Classic over trendy makeup. Your wedding day will be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Avoid going overly trendy as that makeup look may not hold up in time.

Wedding Day Hair Tips

There are a few things to consider when prepping your hair for your wedding day. Here are some tips.

  1. Avoid over-coloring or significant changes. Your wedding day isn’t the time for a complete makeover, go with what you know works for you.
  2. Do a trial with a stylist. If possible do a trial hairstyle with a stylist. This will let you explore different looks for your wedding without committing.
  3. Avoid new or harsh products leading up to the wedding. Hair is just like your skin, it can react differently to new products. Avoid changing your hair care routine leading up to your wedding.

Nail Care Wedding Day Tips

Similar to hair, doing a nail trial can ensure that your nails are the way you want on your wedding day. It never hurts to test your nail ideas before you walk down the aisle. Additionally, moisturize and oil your cuticles every day for at least a year before your wedding.

Wedding Day Beauty Tips

On the day of your wedding, there are some additional tips that all brides should be aware of. Keep your foundation glowy, not shiny. Use your highlight strategically on your cheekbones and the top of the nose. Avoid highlight on your chin and forehead.

For your brows, opt for a shade that is a little lighter in the areas where you have more hair and a little darker where you are filling in. Additionally, use a translucent powder that is lighter than your skin tone, apply with a fluffy brush, and powder your brows for a more natural look.

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